Esther Joy

Phone: 845.616.4155
Location: Kingston, NY

Esther Joy was born with a passion for art. Photography and graphic design has been a lifelong artistic endeavor for her. As a young child, she was fascinated with cameras in the family’s home. Her mother still has the first photographs that were crafted with a child’s eye and artist’s heart. As she grew into her artistic skills, she is self-taught in a variety of Adobe softwares. From that moment, she knew what her soul cried out for and she began her designing journey. Friends always commented on how her camera was always ready to capture pertinent moments. From May of 2010 to December 2013 she was an artistic photographer at a local establishment to document the life story of every family that she had the personal honor to photographically capture. One part artist, one part technician, Esther strives to capture beauty artistically and technically proficient. She has attended design and photography schools and is also available for freelance jobs like your wedding or other special moments that you want to capture. She has personally rebuilt her team’s website and is focused more on your story. Email Esther and ask her for a tip or two on capturing your next special moment. Her specialties are: photojournalism, weddings, family moments, as well as many other styles of photography. If you need your moment to be special forever, count on Esther to deliver that moment.